Publishing with eLibM – your benefits


Using the “Open Journal System“ (OJS) as an integral part of the new eLibM

  • Fast and easy implementation of an Open Source peer-review system
  • Adapting the software to your workflow
  • FIZ Karlsruhe hosts software, manages updates and controls versions
  • You benefit from new features developed within the scope of the project, e.g.:

- managing and processing LaTeX documents
- solutions for managing, storing and linking your research data
- Direct access to zbMATH enables you to find similar publications quickly and efficiently, to identify articles already published by the same author
  (with their content reviewed by zbMATH ), to find co-authors, etc.

  • Scalable support for all persons involved in your publishing process
  • Additional support options, i.e., individual working steps performed by the FIZ Team, in order to enhance your resources and to add to your know-how.
  • Long-term accessibility of data, advice and information on topics such as Open Access, licensing, storage, digital preservation, meta data standards, and more…


Automatic  transfer of all publications to the new eLibM publishing platform

    • Improved visibility of your journal by presenting it within a broad mathematical infrastructure together with a number of high-quality international mathematical OA journals
    • All articles in eLibM can be searched using a common, optimized interface
    • Included in the network of mathematical research publications such as zbMATH, MathSciNet, GoogleScholar, arXiv, EuDML,…
    • Benefit from all features developed within the scope of the project, e.g.:

- improved search and display of formulas
- enhanced meta data search
- Statistics
- Alerts


All this with

  • Expertise and know-how all from one source
  • Developments and enhancements tailored to the specific requirements of mathematical OA publications
  • Qualified, experienced staff, professional management and sustainable systems
  • Reasonable, not-for-profit prices with fixed fees for basic hosting and support; individually agreed prices for customized support options.