eLibM Services

1. Basic services offered at a fixed annual fee

  • Installation and hosting of the peer-review Open Journal System (OJS)
    • We provide you with an individual OJS installation, implement central users and provide you with initial advice on how to install and adapt the system. We keep the software tool operational and up to date.

  • Transfer of the finalized articles into eLibM
    • Once finalized, the articles produced in OJS will be automatically transferred to the eLibM publishing platform, where your readers can access them.  All mathematical TeX terms are graphically displayed by means of MathJax. The bibliographical data are quickly and easily searchable. 

  • Visibility and linking
    • Your articles are linked to various scientific databases (abstracting services such as zbMATH and, if available, MathSciNet). References or interfaces are also provided for journal directories, e.g. EuDML, the “Directory of Open Access Journals“ (DOAJ) or the journal database ZDB.
    • An RSS feed informs your readers about each newly published article.

  • Website design
    • Design elements, e.g., implementation of existing logos or a specific choice of colors for the start page are available for the OJS platform. The journal homepage in eLibM is standardized for all titles; logos and a navigation bar with links to journal-specific information are inserted as individual design elements.
    • More elaborate design services like creating and implementing a new design for your journal (e.g., designing logos or layout templates for journal articles) are not part of our offer.

  • Long-term availability and digital preservation
    • To ensure that your journal is available, readable and storable in the long term, we assist you in unambiguously identifying and preserving your articles. This is done by means of permanent DOIs at article level and ISSN at journal level. The metadata and full texts are stored and made available on various FIZ servers both in OJS and in eLibM.

  • Quality assurance
    • Formal checks: Documentation specialists check the meta data of the article for completeness and accuracy.
    • Professional checks: Editors and reviewer can carry out free searches on the respective topic in the zbMATH database within the scope of editing individual articles.

 2.    Additional, individual offers

  • Enhanced installation
    • We analyze your workflow together with you and map the working steps in the system in a reasonable manner. We install all internal users and roles and adapt the system settings accordingly.

  • Enhanced training
    • To make your editorial team familiar with the OJS workflow we offer various types of training. You may participate in training courses held at your premises or at FIZ Karlsruhe, participate in WebEx sessions, or use the manuals that were specifically written for the different user groups (“Roles”)  - tailored to your workflow requirements and adapted and updated, if necessary.

  • Additional documentation offers
    • Upon request, you may have the metadata of your article individually standardized and completed by documentation specialists. Our services include, for example, reviewing, standardizing, and completing names of authors or institutions, and adding identifiers (DOI, arXive-Id, zbMATH-Id etc.) to references.

  • Support of your work with OJS
    • This offer comprises technical support provided by FIZ Karlsruhe’s service team to anyone involved in the publishing process (i.e., editors, reviewers, and authors). Upon request, FIZ Karlsruhe’s service team will also perform individual work steps or tasks within the publishing process for you, depending on your know-how and resources available.

  • Embedding a Layout PlugIn
    • For seamless processing of TeX article templates in layout editing your own scripts or software for creating publishing formats (Galley files) can be embedded into the OJS via plugin. They can then be accessed and operated directly from the system.

  • Organization and management of a print issue
    • The organization comprises placing printing orders with a print office, shipment, billing, and invoice control

  • Complying with national regulations regarding the provision of statutory copies
    • Transfer of data and, if required, submission of the necessary number of printed issues to national and regional libraries in order to comply with the regulations regarding the provision of statutory copies in the respective country. Informing the responsible libraries about relevant changes of the meta data.



The basic services described under item 1 offered at an annual flat rate. Optional offers (item 2) are individual, customizable offers, therefore their prices have to be negotiated on a case by case basis. In addition, a one-time flat rate for initial services (e.g., data transfer or creating journal- specific information pages, texts and documents) is charged, depending on the effort involved.

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