The “eLibM“ offer consists of two components.
The first is a publishing platform for quality-assured mathematical Open Access journals. Since 1996 eLibM has been recording more than 90 different journals and proceedings series. Within the scope of a DFG project a new technical infrastructure was developed into which the currently published journals are included step by step. You will find this constantly growing offer at

Readers and journal staff may use the publishing platform for free.

The second component of the eLibM offer comprises a service-oriented hosting offer for software to manage peer-reviewed publishing processes – from the submission to reviewing to publishing. Its technical backbone is the "Open Journal System" (OJS) software that was specifically adapted and enhanced by FIZ Karlsuhe within the scope of a DFG-funded project to suit the publishing requirements of mathematicians.The use of this offer is subject to a charge.

Features particularly suited for mathematicians:

  • TeX- or LaTeX documents can be seamlessly integrated, processed, and further edited
  • Formulas can be correctly displayed in browsers and, in a second step, also be searched for.
  • A search interface to zbMATH for reviewers and publishers.

This infrastructure is flanked by optional value-added services provided by FIZ Karlsruhe, such as technical and organizational support in using the platform, editorial services, metadata standardization, reference linking, usage statistics, etc. (please also see section “Services”).
Publishers are free to choose the type and scope of services which best meet their needs, at flat fees calculated according to the effort involved.
eLibM is a not-for profit offer by FIZ Karlsruhe. A Scientific Advisory Board offers advice and assistance to the eLibM offer and decides which new journals are to be included according to the quality guidelines of eLibM.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Ulf Kramer (Chair)
Prof. Dr. Gert-Martin Greuel
Dr. Jiří Rákosník
Prof. Dr. Ulf Rehmann